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EDCI 506 Group Project Reflection Week #15

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Group Project Reflection

What key ideas were stressed that we talked about this semester in the presentations?

There were many key ideas in the presentations that were stressed throughout the semester.  One of the aspects that stands out to me most was the funding issue.  We spent a while discussing the different sources of funding for different types of schools, and I found that to be a key part of the presentations.  For my group, we took the information from the book about how public schools get funding, meaning the sources of funding such as, local property tax, user fees, exclusive product rights, personal income taxes, and many more (Ornstein, Levine & Gutek, 2011).  And we combined that information with funding knowledge about charter schools specifically and current fund allocations from the Richmond area and that is how we tackled the funding challenge.  The other group seemed to take a similar approach, but they were more concerned with how to save money in the long run, which is why they decided to use a lot of eco-friendly products and energy sources.  They were expecting their savings from using those products to help balance their budget and cut their deficit.  I thought that their approach was very interesting and definitely fits in well with 21st century ideas of teaching students how to conserve the world and by implementing those ideas in the school.


Identify main themes and potential discussion topics from the presentations?

There were a couple of main themes that seemed to overlap between the two groups.  One was that we all tried to create a school that was very interactive and engaging for the students.  It seems as if that was a big take-away from the semester, that students need to be engaged in what they are learning and that the information also needs to be relatable to their own lives.  Dewey, I think, had a huge impact on all of us when it comes to our ideal school.  Another main theme that I picked up on surrounded evaluations; both groups wanted to do evaluations that were useful where the teacher knew what was expected of them.  I loved the other group’s idea of having a rubric, because I know as a future teacher I would love that when being evaluated.  I also thought that my group’s idea of giving resources after an evaluation was another really important factor that I would want to be implemented in the school that I will work for in the future.

There were also many potential discussion topics that we could have easily gone more in depth about.  One of the discussion topics I thought of was giving more specific examples of all of our many ideas.  For example, what my group’s specific ideas were for yearlong projects, or the other group’s ideas for making rubrics that reflected the teacher and students perspective and expectations.  It would have been interesting to expand upon the project and get into even more details than we did.  Another potential discussion topic involved the other groups eco-friendly school; I thought that the idea of energy saving and natural resources was a really great idea and I think that if they made their school 100% eco-friendly that a lot of students and parents would be drawn to it.  I also believed that in real life they could get a lot of donors and sponsors because of their- eco-friendly school.  I really enjoyed hearing about their ideas and I hope that a school like that exists, and if it does not, I hope that one is created.


How might you redefine or modify your teaching philosophy after your classmates presentations?

After watching and hearing about the other group’s presentation, I think that I would add in more about having specific and measurable evaluations of myself and of my students.  There was a lot of talk about rubrics, and so I would make it clear in my teaching philosophy that I will use rubrics often and make sure that for every assignment all of the expectations are known so that there is no confusion.  As a student, I know that I can get easily frustrated when directions are not clear and so when I am a teacher I know that that is something I will be very conscious of.


Think back in your own school. How was it similar to each groups 21st century school? How was it different?  

I think that the schools that I went to as a K-12 student was very different from the schools we described in our 21st century schools project.  I always had a lot of lecture classes where there was not much time to engage in hands on learning or learning by doing.  Even in some of my classes where anyone would assume that it would be pretty hands on, was not.  I’m sure that my elementary school experience was a bit more hands on than I remember, but honestly I have a hard time thinking that far back.  My K-12 experience was also extremely different from the other group’s project because my schools did not have any energy saving products that I am aware of.  I am sure that is because of the time period, but even then I never remember having a class garden or learning how to be more eco-friendly.  Overall, I think that my own school was pretty different from the schools both groups described in their projects.


What did you learn?

One of the main things that I am taking away from this project is my expectation of myself when it comes to being a teacher and the expectations that I have for the school that I will work for.  For myself, I hope that I really do implement these ideas into my teaching; I want to have my students engage in a lot of hands on work and I want the information to be relatable to their lives in some way.  I also want to collaborate and communicate a lot with other colleagues and staff in order to make my teaching practices the most effective.  I also want to always be learning new things; I hope that I sign up for classes every once in a while to stay up to date with current trends and to help myself improve in areas that I know I am not strong in.  There are so many expectations that I have for myself that this project helped me realize.  As for the school I will work for, I also came up with some expectations.  I want them to evaluate me, but I do not want them to make me stressed or cause anxiety, rather I want the evaluations to help me in my teaching practice.  I expect my administration to be supportive and helpful, and I think that it is okay to expect those things.  Overall, I learned a lot from this project, but mainly the expectations I have set for myself and the expectations I have from my school’s administration.


Here are the links to my groups video and concept map for our 21st century school project.

Video Link:

Concept Map:


Ornstein, A.C., Levine, D.U., & Gutek, G.L. (2011). Foundations of education (11th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.